2016-2017 Winter Program Offering:


SEPTEMBER 18, 2016. 

Winter Classes start Tuesday October 18.

Welcome to Princeton Junior Squash  – Come and Join the Fun!


PJS is a community based program designed to introduce children to the great game of squash.  We play on the Princeton University courts at Jadwin Gymnasium.  The program consists of a mix of coaching, drills and match play.

  • Princeton Youth Squash Program
 2016-2017 Princeton Junior Squash Winter Program
(Registration coming soon)

The program consists of instruction, drills and match play in a skill level group format. It is open to 8yr olds through high school seniors. It is a two or three session per week (depending on schedule) program. Starting Tuesday October 20th and ending Thursday March 3th
The program is comprised of three, one hour-long sessions. The time slots are as follows:

Tuesday and Thursday
6:45-7:45pm (8-12yr olds)
7:45-8:45pm (12-14yr olds)
8:45-9:45pm (14-18yr olds)
2:00-3:00pm (8-12yr olds)
3:00-4:00pm (12-14yr olds)
4:00-5:00pm (14-18yr olds)

IMPORTANTPlease note that the online registration system is only set up for the days that you will be attending (i.e Tuesday Thursday, Tuesday Sunday). 

After registration is complete, Gail and Bill will sort out which hour your child will attend.  An email will be sent to you stating which hour your child will be attending.

The Princeton varsity squash and major winter sporting events schedules govern our Jadwin court usage. Please check the schedule tab for DAYS and DATES for the Winter program.
* Full- 48 Sessions (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday) $1,056.00 +$120.00 (if applicable)
* Partial- 35 Sessions (Tuesday, Thursday) $840.00+$120.00 (if applicable)
* Partial 32 Sessions (Tuesday, Sunday) $768.00+$120.00 (if applicable)
* Partial 29 Sessions (Thursdays, Sunday) $696.00+$120.00 (if applicable)
*High School Team member Program (13 sessions Sundays only) $390.00+$120.00 (if applicable)

• High School squash team member 13 sessions $390.00
If you are a member of a High School squash team, and will have to miss sessions due to team practices, then there is a special rate of

$390.00 (which entitles you to come to 13 sessions)
Yearly Membership Fee– $120.00. (this fee is due yearly in September/October.  Please remember to include this fee when signing up for the winter program if you did not participate in the Fall session.)  Please note that the membership fee of $120.00 covers all children in the family that are in the program.

Trial SessionIf you are new to squash and would like to try it out, we offer a 3 session trial package.  See below for policies regarding Trial sessions.

Cost: $80.00

*Classes cancelled due to weather conditions will be made up at the end of the session in March. These dates will be announced at a later date.

1. Go to www.princetonjuniorsquash.com and register online. The option to pay with credit cards is now available. The option to pay by check is still available. You may send a check made out to Princeton Junior Squash to the address listed below.
2. Make sure to complete all required information when registering online including the liability waiver if you have not already completed one.
3. We have waivers on file for all Participants in the past, but if you have not completed this, please print and fill out the attached waivers.
4. Online registration will open September 18, 2016.

Princeton Junior Squash
PO Box 1540
Princeton NJ, 08540
Additional Programming:
Open Court Play: Each week PJS will offer specific times for court space to the membership for play, practice and improving. These sessions are open to all members current PJS session students.  (See schedule for times and dates)
PJS Team Match Play and Tournament Play: We are continuing to offer the High School 8-12 grade PJS matches against local schools in the area. We try to include some younger players in these matches when we play weaker teams. Tournaments: This will incorporate mini tournament play and PJS team match play with similar age children, some travel might be involved. Team match play- in this case meaning friendly matches we set up with some of the inner city Squash Programs like Street Squash, City Squash, and Squash Smarts.


  • Refunds- No refunds will be given for Fall, Winter or Spring sessions with the exception of moving out of state.  A program credit will be applied to the participant for future sessions in the program.  
  • Make-up Policy-Make-ups will only be granted in the event of a class being cancelled due to weather or a facility conflict.  In the event that a student misses a class due to illness or injury a doctors note must be presented to the admin.  Make-ups for missed classes (due to illness or injury) can be arranged if class size permits otherwise a credit for future classes will be provided to the student.  A limit of 2 make-ups will be granted to those students who miss class for any other reason other than illness and injury if class space allows.
  • Trial Session Policies and Terms-Trial sessions are not transferable from one family member to another and must be taken in reasonable time increments such a 3 classes in 10 days.  In the case of injury Trial sessions can be postponed until such a time when the injured student can return to activity.

Equipment: If you are new to the game we have loaner equipment:

Squash racquets

Goggles (must meet U.S. Squash standards for protective eye wear)

(If you would like to buy equipment please email us at princetonjuniorsquash@gmail.com.  We can help you find what you are looking for.)
Clothing requirements
Gum rubber (white or grey) or white-soled shoes are mandatory, as black-soled shoes leave dark residue even though they say non-marking on them. Your court shoes need to be clean and worn only when you are on court. Please do not arrive with your squash shoes on, as this tracks dirt onto the courts. This will be strictly enforced and you will not be allowed to play.

Gail, Bill and the PJS coaching staff are looking forward to seeing you on the court.